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About Wepublic


A free, creative, honest, dynamic, inspiring brand new world in a 4-floor and 8 thousand square meters area at Akmerkez

A Different Experience In A Honest Atmosphere: WEPUBLIC

Fashion world has embraced a brand new and young brand in the beginning of September. WEPUBLIC, the new brand of Boyner Group, paves the way for a different world with special brands offered to sale for the first time in Turkey and extraordinary practices that will amaze the guests. WEPUBLIC combines comfortable life understanding with the new generation shopping experience it offers and aims to make everyone entering through its doors happy.


WEPUBLIC, which is being prepared and expected with curiosity since 2013, is the new brand of Boyner Group, which adds many innovations to our lives before. The architectural project of the store has been prepared by 3 different groups in order to reflect the rich world of WEPUBLIC along with the honest, creativity and freedom at its heart in the most correct way. Under the design of the store, which addresses to different tastes, there are signatures of Universal Design Studio, HMKM and Gökhan Avcıoğlu that prepared contemporary, young and modern projects in their fields before. Different styles come together at the floors of WEPUBLIC, each of which gives different inspirations, and ensure a unique WEPUBLIC, which is interpreted by everyone entering through the door.
WEPUBLIC brings its free, young and honest spirit into life on brand anthology and positioning by removing common patterns and barriers. Starting from -1 floor, men, women cosmetic and accessories, women ready-wear clothing and women shoes – home fields are present respectively, while surprises at each department of WEPUBLIC offer an extraordinary experience. The Wuhuu slide that roams all floors of the store, neon light arches that provide flowing transition between colons, a real-sized giraffe and ‘skylight’ ceiling that reflects daylight with WEPUBLIC colors inside are some of these elements. Aside from being the meeting point of more than 500 fashion brands, WEPUBLIC offers a living, dynamic and extraordinary world with Petra Coffee, Chado Tea, Giano Chocolate, Addresser Book, charging area, iPad zone, Water Bar and constantly renewed Pop-Up areas.

Different concepts and special details come to life at WEPUBLIC Men’s Floor that has 1900 square-meter size, which is designed by getting the inspiration from the chaotic structure of the city and the multi-directional world of men. The ground of the store, which consists of 17 different floor materials that are used setting off from the historical city structure and texture of Istanbul, hosts spaces where different styles are reflected. Stick metal plating on the ceiling, gray metal exhibition units and concrete-like walls combine with the young and rebel styles of brands like Belstaff, Helmut Lang, Rag&Bone, American Vintage. The cork sheathings used at walls in the space, where brands like Thomas Pink, Eton, Ralph Lauren Blue are exhibited that represent sophisticated and classic British Dandy style, offer a warm environment by creating unexpected contrast. The sneaker wall with 10 meters length that hosts the most special sneakers of many unique brands with a wide range, addresses to creative and extraordinary tastes.
In addition to technological toys in ‘Toys for Big Boys’ part in the middle part of game garden concept, there are bicycles, motorcycles, helmet types, skateboards, air drones, 360-degree cameras, 3D printer pens, headphones, speakers and many other different products are being offered.
DJ booth in the field, where Pop-Up corners of collections special for WEPUBLIC are also present, will be the heart of all activities conducted at WEPUBLIC.
Leading brands of Men’s Floor: All Saints, Ben Sherman, Berwick 1707, Boss Orange, Brooks Brothers, Campobello Shoes, Carhartt, Club Monaco, D.a.t.e, Deus Et Machina, Diadora, Dielmar, Drykorn, Edwin, Gierre Milano, Gieves&Hawkes, H by Hudson, KG Kurt Geiger, Minimum, Norberto Costa, North Sails, OBEY, Samsoe&Samsoe, Shine Original, Stussy, The Kooples, Thomas Pink, Urbis, Vince Camuto, Wesc, Zampiere.

After stepping into women accessories and cosmetic floor, which is the special entrance of WEPUBLIC on Nispetiye Street and inside Akmerkez Mall; thousand brands of the cosmetic world welcome customers with special decoration areas. Cowshed and Cheeky are present on special areas with wood decoration with their wide range of products. The perfume wall, which is present on a 100-square meter space and designed like a British library, draws attention with creative presentation arrangement and very special brands.
Meanwhile, brands like Christian Louboutin Beaute, Dior and Smashbox give service with their wide range of products and prices. Another remarkable brand of the cosmetic department is NYX. “We Care” area, which draws attention with its green ceramic stone decoration, offers fast hair and manicure services with Cozy Hair special for women who wish to feel themselves well-groomed and beautiful all the time.
There is a wide range of brands and products from Swarovski to Kısmet By Milka in accessory – bijouterie part back of the cosmetics area.
A spacious area is reserved for bags at the floor, which is decorated by getting the inspiration from the nature and plants. The free spirit of WEPUBLIC, which stands forward in bag selections, has a vast diversity ranging from Valentino and Saint Laurent to Calvin Klein and Eastpak. Hidden green areas behind the glass panels of the walls of bag department and the special design ceramic leaves hanging from the ceiling add exotic touch to the environment.
Among the brands of women cosmetic, accessory, bag floor, there are names like Alexander Wang, All Saints, Calvin Klein, Crystal and Marble, Givenchy, Vince Camuto, Zadig & Voltaire, while in terms of Accessories, there are brands like Barbara Rihl, Club Monaco, Dedicated, Etro, Freia, Ipanema, Isabel Marrant, Jawbone, Kısmet By Milka, Starling and Swarovski. In terms of Cosmetics, Dior Parfums and Make-up, Escentrics Molecules, Urban Decay, Ralph Lauren Parfums, Christian Louboutin Beaute, Nyx, Cowshed, La Chateau Du Bois, Cheeky, Byredo, Creed, Editions de Parfum Frederic Malle are the brands that stand forward.

Women’s Ready-Made Clothing Floor, which is designed in order to reflect the exhibition area of an artist, has the biggest space of the store. By dividing into departments within its structure, this floor gives service as street fashion, lifestyle, classic, designer, evening dress, denim, underwear and outerwear.
Brands like Club Monaco, All Saints, Free People, which are expected with excitement, are offered to sale at this floor and only at WEPUBLIC, while denim wall draws attention by hosting lots of denim brands with 14 meter-length.
“We Create” personalization area, which is positioned right in the middle of street fashion department, offers customers the chance of making unique touches to the products they purchased with practices like embroidery.
WEPUBLIC women cases attracts attention with its designers. One of the cases on the floor is designed by getting the inspiration from the kitchen, which is an area that belongs to women, while other one being designed by getting the inspiration from a florist. There is Water Bar, where WEPUBLIC branded waters are sold, right near the entrance of special design spiral stairs on women’s ready-made clothing floor. A real-sized giraffe that is brought from United Kingdom accompanies the stairs connecting women’s ready-made clothing and women shoes – home floors to each other.
Among the brands that are present on women’s ready-mate clothing floor; There are A gold E, ABS, All Saints, American Vintage, Bel-Air, Boutique Moschino, Cheap Monday, Club Monaco, Dice by Dice Kayek, Etoile İsabel Marrant, Frame, Free People, Helmut Lang, IKKS, İpekyol, IRO Denim, JOA, Nolita, Que, Reiko, Semi- Couture, Scotch and Soda, Suncoo, Twin-Set, Yves Salomon Army and Zadig & Voltaire.

The decoration of Women’s Shoes and Home Floor is designed by setting off from the workshop of an artist as an extension of the floor below. The glass ceiling with WEPUBLIC colors used in this area and the different reflections of the all-day-long daylight add artistic style to the floor with special wooden parquets.
The shoe area of WEPUBLIC is the biggest shoe area of Turkey. Special design shoes are presented together with a folding screen that has mirror. From special collection of Tommy Hilfiger, Gigi Hadid to Converse sneakers, from UGG boots to Jimmy Choo stilettos, wide range of products and prices give service in this area.
Home department, where gift alternatives and home decoration products are present, stands forward with trompe l'oeil cloud figured wall patterns that resemble the sky on this floor.
A charging area for people, who get lost in this world and don’t realize the time they passed while their phones going dead, Giano chocolate corner for those, whose sugar rate drop due to shopping, and special Chado Tea area, where healthy teas are offered to people who wish to think about their choices for shopping are present on this floor, including the terrace of WEPUBLIC. In this area, which is designed by getting the inspiration from London underground stations; many different services are offered ranging from repairs to detailed gift packages. Slide ‘Wuhuu’, which is the extraordinary face of WEPUBLIC and expected with excitement, provides an uninterrupted journey from the women’s shoe floor to men’s floor on -1 with a 14-meter length.
Some of the brands of Home Floor: Archipelago, Bloomingville, Bungalow, Charfleet, Cracker Cards, Dixie, Fornasetti, Gary Birks, Graphique, Hay Design, H.Skjalm Private Labe, Palmhouse Living, Louise Roe, Octaevo, Playtype, Say Something Linen, Sophia, True Grace, Vanilla Fly, Voluspa, Zuvier...

10 Reasons to Check Wepublic

  • More than 500 brands, 100 of them being new
  • Petra Coffee, Giano Chocolate and Chado Tea lifestyle areas
  • iPad zone, technology and audio book corners
  • POP UP areas that will be renewed periodically
  • Watching different reflections of the daylight from the glass ceiling, getting inspiration from real-size giraffe and zebra.
  • At Akmerkez, heart of Istanbul!
  • Surprising case designs
  • Wuhuu 14 meters-high slide that combines floors: Wuhuu
  • The biggest sneaker areas of Turkey
  • Perfume library designed with British style


About Boyner Group Boyner Group is the biggest non-food and electronics retail group of Turkey with 8 group companies within its structure (Altınyıldız, AY Marka Mağazacılık, Beymen, Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık, BR Mağazacılık, Hopi, Morhipo) and hundreds of brands that are represented, 12.000 employees and more than 500 stores. It gives service in different retail formats ranging from luxury fashion brand stores to multi-story retailing, from e-commerce to mobile trade. The 2015 consolidated turnover is TL3.8 billion for Boyner Group, which directs the sector by offering a unique shopping experience with unconditional customer satisfaction principle to its millions of customers.

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